Social media is an integral (and pretty huge) part of your online marketing efforts but are you a social media sinner or a saint?

Take a look through these seven deadly social media sins, see if you’re guilty of any and learn how to become a saintly social media user instead.

Deadly Social Media #1: Pride

Taking pride in your yoga business and having a stoic self-belief in what you do isn’t sinful. It’s crucial if you want business longevity. But no one likes a show-off, right?  If you’re the one peacocking in social media groups, constantly selling or spamming where you shouldn’t be, you’ll be turning people off instead of encouraging them to follow you.

Top Tip: Offer valuable advice and tips which prove your expertise. Share your testimonials, help others. People will love and respect you for this approach and be more inclined to become loyal followers.

Deadly Social Media #2: Envy

Don’t lavish your energy on watching the competition! You will always have rivals but being all hawk-like about their social media pages steals your focus. Someone else in your niche may be as experienced as you, they may even have more followers than you, but they aren’t you. They don’t have your personality, charisma, sense of humour and patience. Comparisonitis kills great social media content!

Top Tip: Remember you are unique – that’s why your clients love you and return time and time again to work with you. So be yourself. If you need reminding of your strengths, make a list and stick it on your wall and kick that comparisonitis into touch.

Deadly Social Media #3: Gluttony

Bingeing on social media only results in negativity. You start off with good intentions (i.e. looking for content ideas to spark or advice on a topic) but then you lose focus, you end up reading comments and searching for the person who made the comment and then looking at their friends’ list… grrrr!) and before you know it you’re fed up, it’s 2.30pm and the school run is creeping round.

Top Tip: If you can’t trust yourself to dip in and out of social media without losing hours of your day, then switch off your internet whilst you’re working.

Deadly Social Media #4: Lust

Lusting after money or power isn’t a good look. So don’t be that self-involved yoga teacher whose posts are all about selling. The hard sell, the soft sell, the thinly veiled sell… they’re all about selling. People see through them and once they do it’s a big turn-off on social media. Remember, social media is about building relationships first so don’t risk your followers clicking that unfollow button just because of your lust!

Top Tip: Always be conscious of how often you share your wares. Of course you want people to know how you can make their lives easier with your fabulous yoga classes but you also want them to know, like and trust you enough too.

Deadly Social Media #5: Anger

We’ve all been there where we’ve seen something and it’s provoked a reaction.  But reactive posting isn’t part of a professional’s repertoire. Don’t respond to negative feedback without taking time out to think about your response. Knee-jerk reactions are bad for your brand. Don’t get wound up by comments from people who don’t matter. Swerve the disagreements and criticisms, and keep your professional reputation intact.

Top Tip: If a social media post has sparked irritation, step away from your keyboard. Extract yourself from Facebook or Twitter or whatever platform you’re on. Respond to negative feedback in a professional and positive way. Be the bigger person and you’ll always be a winner.

Deadly Social Media #6: Greed

These days you can buy likes for your social media platforms.  And that’s precisely why having 20 billion likers on your Facebook page or 25 million followers on Twitter isn’t a yardstick for success. Numbers don’t matter when it comes to social media. Quality beats quantity every time. So don’t stress yourself out if your numbers don’t match up with the competition.

Top Tip: Keep your followers engaged and entertained. It’s much easier to convert a crowd of 100 high-quality, staunch and loyal followers than 20 billion fickle likers who probably just scroll past anyway.

Deadly Social Media #7: Sloth

Posting on social media drops down in priority when we’re busy, doesn’t it? But if you’re into the  habit of inconsistent posting, your brand and your reputation will suffer. Do you want to be seen as a consistent, loyal and reliable business or one that’s sporadic, erratic and only posts when the bank balance is drying up?

Top Tip: Write and schedule your posts onto your social media platforms in advance. Get some help with this if needs be – either someone to write your content or to sort your scheduling. But don’t go down the capricious route. Consistent marketing helps keep you top of mind, helps businesses grow and builds your reputation.

If you’re a social media sinner you’re depriving your business of an abundance of benefits. So take time out today to confess your sins, learn how to repent and improve your social media campaign efforts from this point forward.

Confession time… how many sins were you guilty of? Let us know in the comments below!