Ready to rock your Autumn business plans? September is the new January they say – kinda like orange is the new black, I suppose?!

September is a time of new beginnings. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we say goodbye to the lush greens of summer and welcome to warm, earthy tones of autumn. The nights get that little bit longer and slowly, the world changes. The kids head back to school and embark on a new adventure, a new school year, a new beginning and we parents buckle up for the run up to the end of the year.

I AM NOT going to mention the S word (eeeee, not that one naughty!! The one with the man who rocks a red outfit).
So, how can you rev back up in business and really embrace the whole new start that September can afford you (should you choose to accept it).

The first thing to do is – side step the planning panic!

Traditionally this time of year is all about resolutions and plans for future (you’ll see it everywhere and could be forgiven for thinking you woke up in January). I know that there’s an awful lot of media and resources about right now to help you nail your plans.

Don’t get me wrong – I do love a plan and I am totes in love with a good planning session, BUT I am also careful not to over plan and the rebel in me says that it’s ok to do your planning as and when it feels right for you and when you have the space and peace to do it.

I suppose it’s all about the fact that planning is for life and not just for September and Christmas.

If you don’t want to use any planning tools then that’s totally cool. If you do then also that’s perfect too. It’s all about what works for you.

I love handwriting plans and goals and targets – for me there’s power in the written word BUT you might prefer to grab an app or open a trello board or type them up or create a dream board – again, do what works for you.

Haven’t done any September planning yet? Neither have I.

I will take some time out of my diary quarterly to catch up on directional planning and strategy because I don’t like to micro plan too far in advance. I find that produces rigidity and keeps me stuck.

  • Planning is what you want it to be.
  • Planning can take place whenever you want it to.
  • Planning is for life and not just for September and Christmas.

Don’t panic, you aren’t inferior if you haven’t planned out the rest of the year/next six months/the next 12 months (or whatever you are feeling told that you MUST plan RIGHT NOW) and it’s not a sign that you haven’t got your shit together.
It merely is what it is.

Don’t let the thought of planning or your plans overwhelm you. Everything is massive until you break it down and look at the individual steps you need to take.

Planning a year is HUGE – 365 days of doing and whilst an overarching view from above will serve you massively it’s ok if you haven’t got to what that view looks like just yet.

You aren’t BEHIND!

It’s all totally ok.
Wherever you are and however much planning you have already done (or not) isn’t a reflection on your ability or your future, it won’t make you a success or a failure.

Taking action, being present, having direction and a good mindset is what will make all the difference – the plans will just help you nail the other stuff.

Whether it’s done, whether you do it tomorrow, this month or later in the year it’s your call.

Emma Holmes is CEO & Founder of Rebels & Rockstars – best described as a ‘hatchery’ for entrepreneurs with soul!

Emma helps heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs to build big businesses without the icky, pushy tactics that come with most strategy and advice.