If you’ve never written a guest blog before, I’d urge you to do so. 

As a word weaver who writes most of the day, I love blogging.  Not least because it doesn’t feel like work to me, but also because I know from experience how beneficial guest blogging is for mine and my clients business.

Let me share the top 5 benefits of guest blogging – regardless of how long you’ve been in business…

1. Guest blogging is super for kudos

The more places your blogs and articles are featured, the further your expertise reaches.  When someone searches for an answer to a problem in Google, for example, and your name comes up with various solutions (on your site and the sites featuring your guest posts) you’ll be seen as the go-to expert instantly.

2. The Google spiders love a good blog

Publishing your own blogs and submitting guest blogs regularly to different platforms will have those little hairy legs crawling all over your content. They’ll want to find out who you are and why your web address/name keeps cropping up in different places. This, in turn, may boost your Google page rankings. Yay!

3. Guest blogging gets you in front of new potential buyers

This is a fab opportunity to shine and be discovered by a new crowd of people who may never have spotted you otherwise.  And all without that horrible hustling, too!

4. Guest blogging gets you more website visitors

And who doesn’t want to bump up their Google Analytics and get fresh eyes on their content? When your guest blog is published, you’ll share it with your own list, and on your social media platforms. And so will the host. That’s potentially a heck of a lot of traffic to your website (double the impact per blog, in reality) which could lead to new peeps signing up with you.

5. Guest blogging does wonders for your writing skills

The more you practice your craft, the better you will become.  And in the long-term, your writing prowess will soar, you’ll be able to churn out a high quality, keyword rich blog in half the time.  And who knows, you might even fall in love with writing too!

A few final points about guest blogging that might help you…

  • always read the submission requirements for guest blogs, they’re all different if you don’t obey their rules, they won’t entertain you
  • always adhere to the stipulated word count – they may have a 10% rule either side, but try to get as close as possible to their boundaries
  • only write content that fits in with their yays and nays, or you’ll be wasting your time
  • be professional at all times – if someone says, ‘no thanks’ try elsewhere
  • don’t submit the same article to two magazines at the same time – most require exclusivity
  • and don’t use the same, word for word article you’ve had published anywhere else
  • and don’t forget… once your guest blog’s been published, add their logo to your website and three lovely little words… As seen in

Well, what are you waiting for? Go research your next guest blogging opportunity.

As a Spiritual Book Mentor, Writer, Editor & Publisher, Michelle’s mission is to support heart-centred entrepreneurs to overcome their writing blocks, grow in writing confidence and share their messages around the world.