Conjuring up engaging and refreshing newsletter content week after week can really test your creative skills can’t it? But don’t take the easy way out and give up, because the worst marketing offence any yoga business owner can commit is to ignore their subscribers. After all, how would you feel if you’d been invited to an exclusive viewing at an private art gallery and when you got there the walls were bare?

So, no more excuses… take a look at these engaging content ideas and adapt them to suit your business and help you create your next newsletter.

Here goes:

  1. Success stories – show the kind of results your clients get from working with you and it could be the catalyst that gets the fence-sitters on your side.
  2. Testimonials – even if your testimonials are added regularly to your website, don’t be afraid to add them to your newsletters too. Your subscribers may not visit your website very often, but they will be more inclined to read your email. And testimonials speak volumes.
  3. Industry-specific topics – talk about an industry-specific topic and offer your own take on the matter; this way you’ll be showing you’re an expert without peacocking.
  4. Celebrate your milestone/biz anniversary – share your anniversaries and milestones with your followers, they want to know you’re a real person and not just a brand.
  5. FAQs – this is a win/win because by answering the questions you get time and time again, you’ll save bags of time and offer helpful content to your readers.
  6. New product/service – give your subscribers first dibs and sneaky peeks of your newest products and services. They’ll feel like a VIP and you’ll receive vital feedback before you share your new stuff with the outside world.
  7. Top tips – another quick and easy way of demonstrating your expertise.
  8. Resources – share resources which enable you to run your business (and maybe your life!) more smoothly.
  9. Weekly/monthly round-up – a lot can happen in a week or a month… let your readers know what you’ve been up to, how you’ve supported your clients, which networking events you’ve been to and how you’re going to celebrate your successes this weekend.
  10. Book Review – it could be a business book that has helped you reach a milestone, overcome a challenge or taught you a new skill, or it could simply be a novel that has knocked your socks off. Share a review… get your followers communicating with you… and ask if they’d like to recommend a book to you, too.
  11. Product Review – choose one of your own best-sellers or a tried-and-tested affiliate’s product which is right up your followers’ street. Guaranteed to capture interest and potentially lead to a hustle-free sale!
  12. Spotlight on your team – give your readers and your team a boost by shining the spotlight on them.
  13. Link to your latest blog – if you’re stuck for time, add an introductory paragraph or two to capture interest and add a link to your latest blog.
  14. Your biz story – people buy from people, so don’t be afraid to share your biz story and humanise your brand.
  15. Thank you discount ­– we all love to be appreciated so show your subscribers how much they mean to you with a 10% discount off their next purchase from you.
  16. Lists – who doesn’t love a list? Create a checklist, an A-Z list or a top 20 list to help your followers get organised, be productive or manage their time better.
  17. Interview – ask your clients (past and present) if they would like to be interviewed and feature in your newsletter or contact a key influencer in your niche and ask if they’d be interested in chatting with you (either in written form or via video).
  18. Video – if you’ve shared a video online or a Facebook Live this week that’s provoked heaps of engagement, then use it in your newsletter. It’s also a fab way for people to see you, hear you, and add more coinage to the know, like and trust bank.
  19. Social media reminder/round-up – what have you been talking about on Twitter this week? What have your social media followers been talking about or asking you? Share the funny bits and the a-ha moments, it’s all newsworthy stuff.
  20. Behind-the-scenes this week/month – if you’ve been doing anything new this week/month that could prove interesting to your readers, then get sharing. New desk, new office space, new four-legged apprentice, anything! Get sharing your behind-the-scenes bits and watch your open rates skyrocket.
  21. Awards/PR/in the news/Networking – it doesn’t pay to be too modest when you’re in business, so tell your subscribers about any awards you’ve been nominated for, any PR you’ve enjoyed lately, or your latest networking experience.

Remember, your newsletters don’t have to be a glossy magazine size. You can literally send out two or three paragraphs, as long as the content is valuable in some way to your readers. So don’t put off anymore, start drafting out your newsletters today and remind your list why they signed up to hear from you in the first place.

Happy writing yoga entrepreneurs!