Here’s a rather important statistic for you… You have just 90 seconds to convince people to like your brand, AND 90% of their decision will be based entirely on what your brand looks like.

Scary, right?

Don’t worry though, crafting a tremendously alluring visual brand isn’t as complicated as it might seem at first. In fact, it’s all about keeping things as simple and consistent as possible.

Can your customers recognise you?

Here’s a question for you, if a potential customer visited your website, read your blog or picked up your leaflet but your business name was missing, would they still know it was you?

Be it your website, blog posts, marketing leaflets or social media channels, potential customers should instantly recognise your content based solely on the visual branding. Keep it consistent and they will come to know (and hopefully love!) your brand colours, the fonts you use, particular layouts, as well as your logo and the types of images you use.

If you’re the ‘face’ of your brand, they you’re in luck! This is particularly easy to do because nobody else has your face! Well, except perhaps your super mystery doppelganger. But even if you’re not using yourself in your branding you can still craft a unique, exciting and meaningful visual brand by following a few simple, savvy guidelines.

Here are a few quick tips to help you create a totally appealing small business brand:

1. Always strive to stand out

Have you ever noticed that specific industries are associated with particular colours? In the mummy blogging industry, pinks and pastels are often used as they’re heavily associated with femininity and fun. Wellness businesses often go in for shades of green and beige, whilst sassy femtrepreneurs just love their hot pinks!

But if everyone in your industry is using the same colour, how are potential customers going to tell you apart? Add a pop of something unexpected and unique, which makes you stand out. You can still use the more ‘predictable’ colours, but teaming them with something different will give your brand a little extra standout quality.

When I created the new Savvy Mums Business brand I wanted to create a look that stood out amongst the sea of pink but still felt feminine. Enter a pretty floral design that pairs bright, sunshiny, positive yellow with calm, professional and reassuring royal blue.

2. Keep your images ultra relevant

When you’re selecting images for your website, blog, printed marketing materials or social media posts, make sure they’re 100% relevant to your core brand message, values, ideal client, and the specific topic the content is covering.

For example, if you’re sharing a recipe, you would ideally include an image of the finished dish. If your image is for a yoga class, think images of happy, healthy women doing yoga – preferably dressed in clothes that match your brand colours!

3. Be unique – that’s what makes you stand out

Part and parcel of crafting an authentic and meaningful brand is ensuring you are unique in the visual elements you use. You can be inspired by other brands you admire, but don’t pinch their exact colour schemes and font choices, or copy their content ideas. Remember, you’re being yourself. And yourself is unique!
Stuck on colour combinations? Here’s a great tip to kickstart your inspiration. Head over to Google and search for:  <your preferred colour> wedding mood board. Click on images and you’ll be greeting with a wall of fabulous, ready to go vision boards. Use these as a starting point for putting together your own colour scheme.

4. Think your brand through

How can you put the visual elements of your brand together in the most appealing way? What layouts make the most sense? Which fonts look great while remaining legible? Experiment! Use an site like Canva or PicMonkey to try things a few different looks before settling on the which appeals most to you.

5. Create on-brand templates for everything

Once you’re settled on the best way of visually representing your brand, create templates using Canva or a similar site to save yourself time and ensure that anyone doing creative work for you (like a VA) has a guideline to follow. This not only saves time, but it helps to ensure that you are always on brand… even when you throw together a 5-second meme!

Whip up a document that records your brands HEX Colours (this is an online colour code) and fonts and use this to make sure you’re always consistent when creating your designs.

6. Tap into your customers emotions

Your brand is all about perception, how people see you, but it’s also crucially about how they feel when they see you. Use colours, images, messages and quotes that tap into the way your potential customers think and feel.

For example…

  • Red is passionate, firey, lustful and powerful
  • Green is restful, calming, serene and natural
  • Blue is uplifting, fresh and confident
  • Yellow is cheerful, energetic and joyful
  • White is clean, pure and bright
  • Orange is bold, warm and inviting
  • Pink is girly, fun, dynamic and romantic
  • Grey is stylish, smart and professional

Remember your brand is more than just a collection of fonts, colours, graphics and images. It’s the very personality and feeling of your business. It’s super important that it feels right to you. When you love your brand you’ll want to show it off and share it everywhere, you’ll feel confident. And that’s a first vital step in growing a thriving business.