Anyone love a good business mantra? I certainly do. And if any kind of mantra stirs up those marmite reactions for you please keep reading. Why? Because I’m a big believer that finding the right mantras for you and your business can keep you motivated, mindful of your goals and keep your focus laser sharp (even on the wobbliest days).

I promise, I’m not going to persuade you to repeat them 100 times in front of a mirror, either, whilst burning an incense stick.  Obviously, you can if that’s your thing but it is most definitely not a pre-requisite!

Here are my favourite 7 mindful business mantras – feel free to use any that seem a good fit for you and yours.

Mantra 1: Cause a Ripple

If you follow me on social media, or read my blogs, you’ll know I harp on about this ALL THE TIME!! Everything we do in our business causes a ripple and to me, a successful business is one which spreads positivity right around the globe.

So go and be that positive energy injection people need (whether it’s for busy entrepreneurs, or stressed out plate-spinning parents, there is always a time in our day where we’re all hungry for a sprinkle of positivity). Help at least one person today and that will ripple into their circles for them to pass on again and again, and you’ll be the start of a ripple phenomenon. How epic is that?

Mantra 2: If the Mind ain’t Aligned Then the Action is Irrelevant

I love this one. The mind MUST be aligned with the action otherwise you’re probably not going to get the results you want. Let’s face it, if you’re taking action in your business and all you can think about is… this is going to fail… no one is going to buy… everyone will see I’m an imposter… then chances are, this will all come true.

Mantra 3: Simple BUT Significant

We all have a habit of overcomplicating stuff, overthinking, and putting impossible pressure on ourselves. But do you know what? It doesn’t have to be hard to get results. Keep this in mind when you’re prepping that new online programme, or you’re scoping out fresh blog content. Go back to basics, keep things simple but significant and you’ll reach those goals much easier.

Mantra 4: Real, Raw & Nothing More

How do you step in and show up in your business? Is there enough of YOU on show? Or could you do with a personality injection to let a little more of you loose in your marketing? You have to keep it real, raw and nothing more. People can only connect with you if you show up as your true self within your business.

Mantra 5: It’s either a HELL YEAH! Or by Default It’s A NO!

Doesn’t need much explaining this one. If it’s not a hell yeah, if it doesn’t make you bubble with excitement, then by default, it’s most definitely a big, fat no! Use this mantra when you’re making a decision about something and let it be a super duper filter for putting elements of your business through. Don’t panic if it’s not a hell yeah yet – it may just need a tweak, and that’s perfectly fine.

Mantra 6: Be A Student Of Yourself, Your Crowd & Your Mission

You, your crowd and your mission are the three key elements which make your business stand out. So take time out to become a student of yourself (I’m talking mindset here), your crowd (serve the pants off them, listen to their feedback and act on it) and your mission will become clear.

Mantra 7: Worrying Is Simply A Waste Of Energy

Oh yes, my dear, it certainly is! Spending time and energy worrying about something means you’re focussing on the wrong stuff. And isn’t that a huge waste of time? Worry doesn’t solve anything. It makes you feel bad. So instead, try stepping back, look at the bigger picture and think of the action you can take to resolve things.

Have any of these business mantras resonated with you? I hope so! Dare you tell me which ones you particularly like, and whether you’re going to start using them in your business?

Emma Holmes is CEO & Founder of Rebels & Rockstars – best described as a ‘hatchery’ for entrepreneurs with soul!

Emma helps heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs to build big businesses without the icky, pushy tactics that come with most strategy and advice.