Do you ever find yourself falling into that modesty default and say, ‘Oh, I just do x, y or z’. It’s about time you gave yourself more credit. There aren’t many people who are brave enough to set up a yoga business or therapy practice and make it a super success you know!

But it’s easy to fall into the trap of underestimating just how truly amazing you are.

It’s all to do with mindset, you see.  And today we just want to remind you how important your mindset is when you’re having one of those hectic juggling, struggling days.

Be aware of your mind chatter, those stories you tell yourself, that constant narrative (which is usually untrue) that runs through your brain, and the impact this noise has on your business, your life and your outlook.

Being conscious of your mindset and knowing how to handle/transform the negative talk is a great tool in your therapy success kit bag.  Here are a few mindset tips to help you get started. Print them out and pop them near your desk for a boost whenever you need one.

1. Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect your clients to? You’re a super talented yoga teacher, kids yoga teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher or post natal yoga teacher and you’ve spent years honing your skills to perfection. So don’t undersell yourself, don’t undervalue your worth, and don’t assume anyone could do what you’re doing because they couldn’t!

2. Embrace the Risks

All business owners take risks; it’s all part of the adventure. Remember those wobbles you had when you first started out? What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m a failure? What if I can’t do it? You got through them, didn’t you? And when you work your way through them, day after day, you begin to realise that they weren’t so bad after all.  You can do this.

3. Switch Fear for Courage

Choosing to be brave instead of scared will help you grow. If you can’t cast off that comfort blanket without kicking and screaming, ask yourself this, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’. Write down your fears about tackling something that scares you; things always look more manageable when you see them in black and white.  Remember Henry Ford’s wise words, too, if you’re stuck in fear mode: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Choose the best option for you.

4. Stay Positive

Even if you’re having a rubbish day and questioning your business skills, and/or your teaching approach, it’s important to stay positive.  Treat any little hump in the road as a learning curve, a lesson that you won’t repeat again or will do differently next time, and let it toughen up your softer side.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Always be kind to yourself. Running a business and a home, and taking care of lifes responsibilities drains your energy humongously. But don’t ever lose you along the way. It’s ok to have an afternoon off (or a fortnight for that matter) or down tools for coffee and cake with a pal. Being kind to you, prioritising your needs and listening to your body will go a long way to adding to your business success and help you enjoy your family more too.

6. Think Like the Boss Not the Employee

It’s easy to cater to every one of your client’s whims, run around like a busy fool all day, jump from one task to another without finishing anything, and then having a meltdown when you realise it’s 3pm already. But could you imagine a CEO of a company doing this? No. So why do you?

Don’t perceive yourself as an employee. You are a business owner, a professional who serves clients, and you’re earning money for you and your family.  If you struggle with an employee mindset, then try setting some boundaries around working hours, answering phone calls, and time spent with clients who monopolise your time (often for free!).

With every aspect of your business it’s more productive to find solutions than focus on problems.  So when your mindset errs on the negative, remember these mindset hacks, interrupt your thinking, and get back on your success path as quickly and easily as possible.

Have you any mindset tips for yogipreneurs you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.